A Big Break In The Simmons Case

After years of work by the team at Intuit Investigative Resources, the Nassau Medical Examiner will change the cause of death listed for a former Freeport High School football star from suicide to “undetermined”. That agreement was reached in State Supreme Court Monday after a veteran forensic pathologist found the case should be ruled a […]

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Long Island Mother Goes To Court Seeking Justice For Her Son

According to an independent investigation by Intuit Investigative Resources, a medical examiner’s findings may not have been accurate in a 20-year-old’s reported suicide. Now the victim’s mother is going to court to get the ruling overturned.

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New Findings In Simmons Case

We have been investigating Johmeik Simmons’ mysterious shooting death pro bono, believing that evidence strongly pointed to a homicide. DNA from the recovered gun came from multiple sources, and swabs taken from one of the teens tested positive for gun residue.

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Obtaining Deleted Data

When a file is deleted it isn’t really erased, it continues to exist on a hard drive, even after emptying it from the recycle bin, which allows recovery of deleted files.

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Family of Footballer Killed in Shooting Wants Case Re-Opened

The mother of a young Long Island man who was fatally shot in November 2016 after he stopped by a friend’s house wants the case re-opened by the Nassau County District Attorney.

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Mystery Deepens Over Death of Former HS Football Star at LI Home

A year after Tihesha Climer rushed to Nassau County Medical Center to find her son on life support, the mother of 20-year-old Johmeik Simmons is no closer to getting answers as to how he ended up fatally shot in the head at a Freeport, Long Island home last year.

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Predictive Coding Do’s and Don’ts

Predictive coding is an instrument learning method that uses software combined with human guidance to train document review to identify relevant documents and reduce the number of irrelevant and non responsive documents that need to be reviewed manually.

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Facebook’s Archive Feature & What Can Be Done if the Account’s Been Closed

Archive feature is a way to store your information without deleting it, you are simply placing it in a different folder that you can access with a few simple steps. Archiving a conversation is hiding it from your inbox, deleting a conversation permanently removes the massage history from your inbox which is not recoverable.

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Obtaining Evidence: Smartphones, PCs and Tablets, Third Parties, Flash Drives and External Hard Drives, Cloud Storage

In addition to social media there are many other avenues to obtain information such as computers, tablets, mobile phones, cloud storage, hard drives, and flash drives. These electronic devices have a wealth of information stored in them that can be used as digital evidence in criminal cases, civil cases and more.

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Social Media, Digital Media and Digital Evidence – A General Concept

What to look for, where to find it, and what to do with email, social media, text, and video.

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What Happens To Your Kids While They Are At School?

Rafael Laureano Jr. was shot dead by NYPD officers in 2014 when police officers on the scene had asked Rafael to kick open the door to an apartment, according to a copy of the NYPD firearms discharge report dated December 2016, the police claimed that Laureano was killed by the offender, however, Insight case management […]

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Dead Lawyer’s Family vs. Suffolk County Police Department

The family of a lawyer killed at a Long Island beach club in the summer of 2015 is raising questions about why no one has been arrested for his homicide.

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A Trip Abroad and Back – the Release of a Wrongly Accused

Tejpal Singh was wrongly accused in a 1996 drive-by murder in Richmond Hill, NY. Edward Dowd a former NYPD detective and the president of Insight case management conducted a complex investigation, including several trips to India to locate and interview a witness, resulting in the exoneration of Mr Singh. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/tejpal-singh-case-details-1996-drive-by-murder-prove-major-holes-da-prosecution-article-1.954626

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Mystery Surrounding Long Island Attorney’s Death in Paradise Deepens

New details have emerged about the murder of a Long Island wife and mother at Club Med in Turks and Caicos. The I-Team’s Sarah Wallace reports.

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